Monday, August 25, 2008

The days of family nudity are coming to an end

So I knew this day was coming. Its been coming in small bits and pieces since Seth was about two. Now he is 3 months shy of seven, so I guess its high time he started becoming more aware and more modest. least expecting me to be more modest.

I should probably start out by mentioning that we are not the most modest people to begin with. As long as the family living on the hill above us isn't home (they're part-time residents), I have absolutely no qualms about changing or walking around my living room in a towel or just a bra and underwear. I mean, unless someone is trespassing in our backyard or theirs, nobody is going to see a thing. If I peek and the lady next door isn't home, I will dart across my living room without a shirt on and grab something I need. Sometimes I sit at the computer with no pants on with the blinds open while waiting for them to dry. If someone wants to look, fine. Not that I want them to, but it makes them the perv, not me. As for Jeremy, he will literally spend HOURS in just a towel after an evening shower. He would just not bother with redressing or something. (Not sure on his logic there. I am not a fan of being cold and wet, but whatever. To each his own, as they say.) Seth and Joy, at ages 6 1/2 and 4, still bathe together more often than not. Until either of them has an issue with it, I am of the "kill two birds with one stone" mindset. And we ALL will pee with the door open and walk in and out on eachother. Its just normal life at the Hansen house.

Until Seth was 2, we would shower together on a regular basis. One shower was just easier than a shower for me and a bath for him. But one day, at the tender age of two, he pointed to a particular region and said simply, "beard." While I knew it was nothing sexual and only him, I was nonetheless rather horrified. That was the last day of showering with, or extended durations of being naked in front of, my son.

There haven't been any other defining moments I can think of offhand, but little by little, I have become more discrete around him. (Around Jeremy and the girls, I don't worry about it. He's seen it all before, and the girls share the same anatomy and are still too young to care anyway.)

He used to have a bad habit of peeking in the shower, and still will periodically. For one thing, I enjoy my shower privacy. If I invite you in, fine. If I don't, then don't be lookin'! (I hate it even when Jeremy does it. Of course, there is usually a butt pinch or some other grope involved as well. Okay, and I don't necessarily consider this TMI, because I am 100% sure it happens to EVERY married woman out there! Men think our showers are an invitation to get frisky, which they clearly are not. ....Yep, I can see you all nodding and snickering in agreement.) Its sometimes the only "me" time I have in a day - those glorious 10 minutes of blissful alone time - so nobody better be bustin' in on my bliss! Still, even after being told over and over and oooooover, he will occasionally peek in, especially if one of the girls is in there with me.

I have also slowly cut back the amount of dressing and undressing in front of him. That began at the beginning of LAST school year, yet a year later, the boy STILL barges into my room while I am dressing almost every single morning! At lightening speed I grab whatever fabric-based object is laying around, cover the uncovered bits, and yell at him to get out. Obviously, the message has yet to sink in.

Which brings me to this morning. Remember I said we pee in front of eachother? Well, it looks like I need to start shutting the door. This morning, Seth gave me a horrified look and said, "Eew Mom! Gross!" I asked him what was gross and he referenced a part of my anatomy. I didn't freak out, I just told him that its not okay to comment on others' privates; that we don't do it to him, so he shouldn't do it to us.

So, the days of nudity in this house are numbered. In some wierd way, it kinda bums me out. It means I have to change my ways, and darnit, I don't like changing my ways! Afterall, there is something oddly liberating about peeing with the door wide open....

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Anonymous said...

I know all too well of the showering experience with the hubby. Mine does the same thing when Im showering!

I have all boys so there isnt much nakedness going around for ME but they do. My 12 year old doesnt anymore for obvious reasons but John, 7 and Seth, 1, definetely do! My husband is the most modest one of us all so he has never shown his private parts to ANY of the boys!! Strange, I think and so do most people I share that with, but thats just how he is. I pee with the door open - with all three of my boys. My husband? NEVER! When my boys start showing me that they are embarassed, I will start shutting the door, but for now, they dont. Its life, I think!

When John was 6 he tried to tell me to close my eyes when he was getting in the shower and I told him that he doesnt have anything that I havent seen, wiped, smacked or tickled and to get over it and he hasnt ever felt uncomfortable being naked around me since. He is 7 now though so I can imagine the day will come eventually. Devin is 12 and I can still walk into the bathroom and peek at him in the shower to talk to him and he doesnt care. They realize that I dont make a big deal about it because it isnt a big deal.

Life goes on. :)