Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love is the little things

Jeremy likes to go out on Friday nights and watch movies at his friend's house. (I don't care for the guy, so they never watch them here.) This leaves me stranded, bored, alone with 3 sleeping kids on a Friday night. Yeah, as if I'm not boring and pathetic enough to begin with. Anyway, he knows if he wants to go out without me getting all wierd about it, then he has to butter me up big time. Yeah, in some ways, I am a bit high-maintenance (and maybe a little selfish for a 28 year old).

So last night he went to the video store and rented 2 chick flicks to pacify me. Works like a charm every time. But you have to understand, Jeremy is a "man's man." He isn't so concerned about others' opinions, but he doesn't have a "feminine side." He is a conservative country boy, so there is some semblance of image he has to maintain. So renting a chick flick, even for his wife, undoubtedly takes him way out of his comfort zone. Let me say for the record though, I am not one of those wives that ever insists he do these things, and I have NEVER sent him out to buy me feminine products. I am not (in most ways) a ball and chain wife. I respect him enough not to "make" him do these things.

But I would have to say the ultimate sacrifice to his manly image was the day we brought Skye home. For anyone who has ever breastfed, all I need to say is "the day before my milk came in," and you know the pain I am referring to; the pain that comes from a baby sucking like mad to get virtually nothing out. I was super sore, let's just leave it at that. I had mentioned to my mom that I needed nipple cream (thank God for that stuff!), so when Jeremy went out, he returned not only with the things he went out for, but my nipple cream too.

Now that is love! Love isn't the flowers and notes and fuzzy-wuzzies. Love is those things that take you outside your comfort zone. Love is a man renting chick flicks and buying nipple cream. Love is a woman bringing home pamphlets on vasectomies. Love is all those embarrassing things you wouldn't do for anyone else, but in a wierd way, you don't really mind that much.


Sara said...

Meg, if you could see the things Mike'd probably pass out. He is soooo not bothered by any of the "girl stuff".
and I wanted to say, I wish we were closer! I'd totally come over and watch chick flicks with you! all our kids could play together! :(

Anonymous said...

Yep, Joe will run out and get me things he wouldnt normally have gotten had it not been for me! He is a lover that way! Gotta love 'em!

Oh, and Joe goes out to my dads house on Wednesday nights to play D&D for hours and hours and leaves me too. I know how you feel. I enjoy my alone-time though and veg out on the computer or in front of the tv. Sometimes I rent a PPV movie! I cant complain though because I go play Bingo most Tuesdays and leave him with the kids.....