Friday, August 29, 2008

So help me, I WILL bake quick breads today!

So I have gone a little crazy "farmer's marketing" the past few weeks. They finally have a good one in our county now. (They have had the Astoria one forever, but its mostly crafts, not organic produce, its always PACKED, and parking is a nightmare.....we hate it.) So every Tuesday now, I meet up with my friends Christen and Steph, we load up our kids (8 between the 3 of us....are we nuts?!), and head on down. Every week I buy a big bunch of Kingfisher Farms produce (their carrots, tomatoes, and baby greens are AMAZING!), sometimes some Blue Scorcher bread (except the vendor lady is grouchy and the bread goes stale if you can't eat it all in one day), and some fruit, and that is the "base" of what we eat for the week, the foundation of all my meals for the week.

A few weeks ago, I bought some organic peaches. A week later, they were on the brink of going bad, so I was going to make them into a cobbler. Except I didn't want cobbler, I wanted quickbread. So I went onto and found a recipe for Peach Cobbler Bread. I whipped some up and it was gone in less than 24 hours! It was so sweet and good! So the kids have been begging and begging me to make more.

A week and a half ago, I bought more peaches with the intention of making more bread. Normally I have no problem remembering to use up fruit, as I keep it in a fruit bowl on my counter. But being late summer, even though we have had the most disappointing summer weather this year, we have fruit flies galore. So the fruit has gone into an unused bin in the fridge. I never use that bin, so I never check it. This morning, while digging out the milk carton, I caught a glimpse of the fruit bin and remembered that I have those peaches in there. Hopefully they are at their prime and not to the point of mush. I also remembered that I have some bananas (non-organic) and zucchinis I bought to make breads as well.

So....hopefully today will be the day. At bare minimum, I at least need to make the peach bread. I always hate when my organics expire before I can use them. The bananas and zucchinis can withstand another day if they have to. (Ah, the "magic" of pesticides.)


Sara said...

oh how I love those pesticides!

have you seen those "green bags"? they keep your produce fresher, them, they're made by Debbie Meyer. for real, they work!

Megan said...

Really? My mother-in-law gave me some and a week later my honeydew was about 4 different shades of moldy. Maybe I don't know how to use the bags right?!

Sara said...

well thats weird. my bananas last longer! grapes too! I didnt try melons though, maybe they are a lost cause.