Monday, August 25, 2008

Would this be wrong??

So who knew my earlier blog about running around my house only half-dressed would be such an appropriate lead in going into this blog. What a co-inky-dink! I will get to that connection a little later in the blog. I go on rabbit trails, but I try and bring it all full-circle, so hang in there.

Last election year was a nightmare! Jeremy and I are both registered as non-affiliated voters. We thought at the time this was the best thing to do to avoid tons of partisan junk mail, and allow us to vote based on our own personal views on the issues/candidates from our own base of knowledge and values, free from one party or the other trying to sway us one way or the other. WRONG!! Registering non-affiliated in those regards was the stupidest move we could possibly have made!

In 2004, we recieved a minimum of 6 election-related mailings per day. (We have a PO Box and a street address, so we got duplicates of everything, and one addressed to each of us, so sometimes we would get 4 copies of the same thing arrive on the same day. The environmentalist in me has to say "what a waste of trees" to that!) We also recieved 2-3 phone calls a night, right at dinnertime, either leaving us a messge to vote for so-and-so, wanting money for so-and-so's campaign (riiiight, like a non-partisan family on a fixed income is going to contribute....), or polling to know which so-and-so we were voting for. Can you even imagine how bothersome that is? But that's not even the worst of it.

The thing that has made me loathe voting years is this. It begins in August. The election is still over 3 months away. And they start trailing onto my doorstep, ringing my bell, and either trying to "educate me about the issues" (highly biased by their party's stance) or wanting to know who we're planning to vote for. Which is something I am not going to share with many people I know, much less a total stranger who shows up at my door uninvited, and expects me to drop everything and let them waste my valuable time. Each month, we seem to get one more per week, until we are getting them about one everyday. They show up during dinner, while I am still in my pajamas, while I am bathing my kids, while I am...well, doing anything more valuable than listen to their schpiel. In '04, I even had one man get extremely rude when I told him I wouldn't divulge who I was voting for, threatening to come back everyday until I gave him an answer. Luckily, he didn't waste his time coming back, or I would have called the cops.

So again, it has begun....

Saturday I was still getting over being sick. It was noon and I was dozing in the armchair, still in my dalmation-clad red pajama pants and a big black t-shirt of Jeremy's, my hair a greasy, tangly mess from sweating profusely from a high fever the night before, and I looked and smelled horrid. Joy had also gotten sick the night before, and had fallen asleep on the couch. The baby is, well, a baby, so naturally, she was conked out too. The doorbell rang and I lazily picked up the baby (she was sleeping on my chest) and reluctantly shuffled to the door. In my sleepy, sick state, I forgot that pretending we weren't home was an option, since the curtains were still closed. But anyway, I went to the door, checked the peephole, and since I didn't have my contacts in and couldn't see who it was, very reluctantly opened the door. Standing there was some young guy with his hair spiked and a big lip ring. He looked at me, obviously unimpressed with my PJs and nasty appearance, and sheepishly asked, "Uh, did I wake the baby?" I said, "Yeah, you woke all 3 of us. I am pretty sick, and so is my 4 year old, so all 3 of us were resting." "Oh, I'm sorry," he said, and he left pretty fast. (Run, you Democratic zealot, run! Quick, before you catch mastitis!! Hahaha)

Now here comes the me being half-dressed part.... I was changing the baby's diaper, and she peed everywhere. As I was moving Skye to pull the cover off the changing pad, she spit up all down my arm and left side. It wasn't a lot of spit up, but it was the really stinky, curdly variety, so I laid her on the bed, whipped my shirt off, and was cleaning her off (of the pee and the spit up), and the doorbell rang. So here I was, in PJ pants and a nursing bra running through my house looking for a t-shirt to throw on, and there are none in plain sight. The baby started screaming her head off, and I thought, "Great, they are going to ring the bell again." Finally, I decided I would open the door if it was someone I knew, and ignore if not. But I still needed to calm the baby and find a shirt. By the time I did, whomever it was, was long gone. Later my neighbor told me it was 2 young guys. I can almost guarantee they were volunteers for one party or the other.

So here is my question, and I have been pondering and trying to come up with the perfect balance of wit, kindness, and "go the heck away!" Would it be wrong or tacky of me to put a sign on my door that said something like, "If we don't know you, don't ring our bell." Or what about, "Yes, we are registered non-affiliated. Yes, we are informed on the issues. And NO, we do NOT want to share our political preferences with you." Or, option number 3, "I don't ring your bell when you're busy with your family, so don't ring my bell when I'm busy with mine." I don't want to sound like a b-word, but at the same time, I can't tolerate another election season full of overzealous crazies on my doorstep!

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Anonymous said...

How about "NO LOITERING!"?