Monday, September 8, 2008

Almost as good as Christmas

I have fallen in love with ordering things online. Sad, but true. I live in a rural area and there just isn't much "out there" around here, so I have turned to online to get a lot of the things I can't get around here, or to get a bargain on something that would cost an arm and a leg around here. (Ah, the joys of a small tourist town!) For the record though, I am not racking up credit card debt sky-high or hiding purchases from my husband. I only buy what I need and never purchase anything without discussing it with Jeremy first. And it is pretty occasional.

I guess its just the compulsive desire to order things online that is pathetic. I get giddy over I love Amazon and Smartbargains and Overstock. I like retailmenot because I can find online coupon codes and feel so stealth - like I am cheating the system or something - when I use them and get a super good deal.

Then, the most glorious part of all.... The waiting. The anticipation. It doesn't matter what I order - heck, it could be a stinky old sock! - I wait with child-like anticipation for days for the UPS truck to show up at the end of my driveway. It could be a case of diapers, party supplies....doesn't matter. I am always so thrilled when the box comes and I can rip it open. I already know what's inside, but its still exhilarating!

I just got birthday money and went nuts. (Well, nuts for me anyway, which isn't really all that wild and crazy, but whatever.) I ordered 2 new nursing bras from Motherwear, and a nice new bread machine off Amazon. To say I am excited for these things to arrive is a gross understatement. Seriously though, I think this just shows how abnormal I am. I mean, who the heck gets that excited over new nursing bras showing up at their door?? Or a bread machine, for that matter? Whoop-de-do, right? But as for me....just give me a computer, a credit card, and a UPS truck, and I am like a kid at Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Same here! I live in boonie-land too so we have to order most of what we want to buy because the alternative is driving 85 miles one way to Reno to do the shopping where I have my husband hanging over my shoulder or my mom rolling her eyes because she hates to shop! I buy things from Ebay and Amazon and I use specific stores too for clothes sometimes or electronics. When we need to order something at Sears, I go online and order it and then we can pick it up at the rinky-dink Sears we have here. They dont hardly keep anything in stock so it has to be ordered and brought in anyway so I just do it at home and go in and pick it up. I recently ordered 2 big deck trunks from Sears. They are amazing! I didnt get to wait for the UPS truck, but I love waiting for him too! I know EXACTLY what you mean!! LOL!!! Oh, the life of country bumpkins!!