Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sometimes it pays to read the fine print

So remember I mentioned I ordered a new bread machine on Amazon? Well, it still hasn't arrived. Finding that odd, since everything else I have ever ordered off Amazon has come within about a week, I went to check order status. Guess what? It won't be shipped until between October 14 and October 24! Okaaaaayy.... I ordered it the first week of September, and they aren't going to ship it til mid- to late October? Am I the only one asking why right now?? Seriously, what the heck?

And here's the kicker... I paid an extra $9 up front to get Super Saver Shipping, which ended up saving me only like $4 or something, but I figured I could wait a few days longer if I could get a better deal. Yeah...shoulda paid the extra $4 in shipping. Apparently saving $4 cost me an extra 5 weeks in shipping time. Who knew THAT was part of the deal?!

Oh, and I should also mention that since we are moving out by the end of this month, our shipping address is going to change. Tell me, how is UPS supposed to know that? And how am I going to get my package? Ugh! So frustrating!

Consider that lesson learned. Sometimes the best deal comes with strings attached. *sigh* It pays to read the fine print.

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