Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wake-Up Call (Quite literally!)

Well, our morning is off to an "awesome" start. Or, exciting anyway. I could give you the whole run down of the entire morning, but I'll skip straight to the "action," since I'm sure now that I've piqued your interest, that is all you really care about anyway.

I was just pulling back into our driveway from dropping Seth off at school, and I heard this "bang! cruuuunnnch..." noise. It was coming from the direction of Jeremy's truck, so even before I looked that way, I had that "oh no" feeling. Yup. Somebody had side-swiped Jeremy's truck!

Now in their defense, in the early morning, as the sun is still coming up, the sun is BLINDING. The school is 3 blocks east of us, and I am thankful I know the road well and know how to navigate it on minimal vision, because even I have a hard time with it. (I drive with the defrost on high and the wipers going. Yeah, I look like a moron, I'm sure, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?) So I am sure they couldn't see his truck and were more worried about hitting an oncoming car than a parked one.

So, back to the story. I looked over my shoulder and saw a red Jetta with a roll top heading toward the school. I kept thinking, is he going to stop? Come on, sucker, stop and come back! When I realized he wasn't stopping, that "oh no you di'int" feeling come over me and I was MAD! That is when my adrenaline kicked in and half my rationale disappeared into oblivion. I then had that "Follow him? Tell Jeremy? Follow him? Tell Jeremy?" inner conflict going on, and finally decided to tell Jeremy first, because I knew if I didn't, he would be mad I didn't tell him. So I came running full speed (and I HATE to run!) into the house, yelling at the top of my lungs, "GET UP! Somebody just hit and ran your truck!" Jeremy, who 2 seconds earlier was snoring the morning away, jumped out of bed like someone had just stuck him in the butt with a cattle prod. Then he proceeded to tell me, "Well, go follow him!!" Running on adrenaline, rather than logic, I was like, "Okay, I'm gonna go git 'im and give him a piece of my mind." Yeah. Me. Go have words with someone. I am 5'3", and while I am not a tiny girl, there is no way I could "take" anyone. Not smart.

So I drove like a bat out of Haddes (which is hard to do in a school zone, mind you) up to the school (the road dead-ends at the school, and that time of morning, that is where 99% of the cars go), and circled around like, "where aaaaaare you??" Nowhere to be found. So I marched into the office and asked the secretary if she had seen or heard anything about it, or knew of anyone who drove a red Jetta. She politely told me she had no idea. (Yeah, like I really thought she would, but like I said, adrenaline-brain.) Then I sat in my van, performing a stake-out of sorts. I was going to get the guy, even if it took all day! Finally, I realized how stupid that was, and drove back home.

By then, Jeremy was outside talking to 2 police officers. They had a piece of his tail light for "evidence," and were taking reports. I stayed out there, giving my 2 cents (which they seemed thoroughly disinterested in) for a few minutes, then lo and behold, a red Jetta drove up! At that point, I remembered that I had 2 little girls in the house unsupervised, so I excused myself, as much as I wanted to catch the rest of the action.

I guess it was a hispanic guy about Jeremy's age who's mom lived at some nearby apartments, and he had gone home to find his insurance papers. *Insert collosal eye roll here.* He has minimal insurance, but at least its something, so he and his insurance have to deal with it, instead of us. (Thank the Lord above, because the last thing we need right now is yet another expense!)

So right now, an hour and a half later, Jeremy is spending his morning giving an insurance report to the police station, then has to drive 35 mins north to file a formal report with the DMV. Which, at our DMV, could take half the day. (I know. I was just there 2 weeks ago.)

So....Jeremy's beloved '92 Toyota pick-up - his baby, his first love - got a big boo-boo. BUT, at least she gets a new bumper, so its not all bad.

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Sara said...

ok, I am LMAO at you driving off to catch the bad guy!! you are too funny! I'm glad the guy came back, they usually dont. He must have known you saw him, kwim?
anyway, have calmer mornings from now on, k?