Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Annoying as it is, Spam can be rather amusing

Maybe I just have a simple sense of humor and am easily entertained, but almost everyday, I recieve a few Spam emails that crack me up. Its funny how they mispell things to slip through the cracks of Spam filters, the way things are worded, or just what they are about and how they clearly don't fit my interests or lifestyle at all. Anyway, here are a few little nuggets of hilarity (well, at least to me) from today's crop of Spam:

"Shred pounds fast with CarallumaSlim..." --- This was the subject line. I'm gonna "shred" pounds?? That makes me envision removing my cellulite with a cheese grater, which just sounds painful.

"Up to $3500 in as little as 72hrs just for returning calls on the companies behalf. I bet that cash injection would make a huge difference in your life." --- What? So I am going to have $3500 injected into my veins? Sorry, but I prefer to buy things with my money than be innoculated with it.

There was one from an online weightloss site. The site name? Diet Bug. --- Eew. It makes me think of tape worms. Either that or eating bugs, which probably would work for weightloss because how many people want to eat bugs?

"Disease is a torture..." --- Yeeeeaah, ya think?!

"Pedi Paws: The quick, easy and painless way to give your pet the perfect pedicure every time. Treat your pet like a member of the family and make trimming your pet's paws a painless experience for both you and your pet. You'll never have to use a painful pet nail clipper again. Pedi Paws uses a smooth rotary filing action that will not harm the sensitive nerves and tissue in your pet's paws, providing the ultimate at-home grooming experience. " --- You have GOT to be kidding me! I know people love their pets, but come on. Pedi Paws? A home pedicure for a cat?!? I'm sorry, if anyone's getting a pain-free home pedi around here, its not gonna be the cat, that's for sure! Besides, whatever happened to tackling your cat to the ground like a linebacker, getting all scratched up, while trying to trim his nails with clippers? Seriously, if you have ANY dignity whatsoever, I urge you to stick with the nail clippers.

Anyway, I just find Spam amusing!

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