Monday, October 20, 2008

Good products, not-so-good products

Okay, I decided I needed to give my readers (and myself, truthfully) a departure from my previous blogs that are basically just me spouting off about one thing or another. Not that there's anything wrong with spoting now and then, but I certainly don't want this blog getting so negative that nobody will read it. Including myself. (Wouldn't that be pathetic?!)

Anyway, my sister-in-law does these things called "random product reviews" on her blog, so this is my abbreviated version. Its pretty much just a list of recent finds of mine that I either think are great or...not.

Good Finds:

** Izze Soda -- Its located (at least in my store) by the juice boxes. It has no High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) at all, and its really light and refreshing. I have yet to try the blackberry or apple flavors, but I LOVE the Sparkling Clementine. I wasn't that thrilled with Sparkling Pomegranate, but Jeremy liked it, so at least it didn't go to waste. I will say, they are a bit pricey for what they are ($3.99 for 4 cans around here) - the cans are pretty small - but I figure if I am going to drink something as a "treat," it may as well be one that is void of HFCS, but not void of taste.

** Green Works Cleaning Products -- This stuff works great, is good for the environment, is cheaper than some other "chemically" cleaning products, it does the job, and smells MUCH better than all those harsher cleaners.

** Pirate's Booty -- When I worked at the grocery store, people used to ask me where to find this all the time, but I assumed it was just one of those things that people buy because its "healthy junk food," and I expected it to taste like a Cheeto, and I pretty much hate Cheetos. My mother-in-law gave me a few packages of them and I have to admit, I was reluctant to try them, but they are really good! They are light and airy, and actually taste like real cheese, instead of Cheeto-style fake cheese. And yes, they are a LOT healthier than Cheetos too.

** Method Baby Diaper Rash Cream -- This stuff is AMAZING!! Skye's bottom can be red, and within 2-3 diaper changes after applying it, her bottom is normal again. In my opinion, it is even better than Butt Paste. And its 100% natural! Not to mention, the company is an "honest" company, who is dedicated to providing clean, natural products for the whole house (they have hand soaps, cleaning products, and all sorts of other products too), without harming the environment during processing, or while being used. Its good stuff all around!

** Contessa Shrimp -- Though I've been buying these shrimp when they're on sale for years, I didn't think they were any different than any other frozen shrimp. But at Joy's prompting to visit their website to sign up for a shot at a Nim's Island vacation to Fiji (hey, why not, right), I browsed just to see what they were all about. I was pleasantly surprised to learn the don't harm sea turtles, they help the water quality and ecosystems that their seafood comes from, and even started a state-of-the-art (first one in the world!) LEED-free frozen-food manufacturing facility that is too complicated to explain, so I guess just read about it here. Knowing what they do just makes me want to eat more shrimp! Its like eating a plate full of environmental goodness. (And honestly, who doesn't love shrimp?)

Not-So-Good Finds:

** Bright Green Laundry Detergent -- While I loved the idea of an earth-friendly laundry detergent (sorry Beth, I still haven't tried the homemade stuff yet), it didn't kill odors AT ALL, and had no stain-treating power either. I may as well have been washing our clothes with plain water, because all my loads smelled the same coming out as they did going in. Our whites all came out smelling like Jeremy's nasty work socks. And let me tell ya, its not much fun to go around smelling like your husband's stinky feet all day!

** Swiffer Dusters -- Okay, I mentioned this one in a previous blog, but these things don't work worth a darn! My kids love using the handle thingy for sword-fighting, but that's about all they're good for.

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