Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is why out-of-shape 28 year olds shouldn't do gymnastics!

Oh man, do I feel like an achy old woman today!

Joy is enrolled in a gymnastics/tumbling class and loves it. Seth is a big fan of P.E. class. Joy had tumbling on Thursday, and Seth had gymnastics yesterday (Friday). Seth was eager to show me the stretches and whatnot he learned in class, then Joy jumped in and was showing me some of her moves from tumbling. Somewhere in the mix, I asked if either of them could do the "bridge," a precursor to a back bend. They made it to a stage called the "table," but neither were really getting the concept of arching their back enough to get up into a bridge. So what did stupid ol' mom here do?? Yup, in spite of the fact I haven't done a bridge since I was, oh, 10 maybe, I got down on the floor and feebly attempted to demonstrate. I got about halfway up, couldn't arch my back to save my life, my abs and arms gave out, and I fell flat on the floor on my back. (Thank goodness we just replaced the carpet, let me tell ya!) The kids of course thought it was hilarious. As for me, I was in pain. My wrist probably hasn't had to bear my 140-some odd lbs in...well...ever, and my abs probably haven't stretched to that capacity since high school. I actually said out loud, "Yeah, I think I'm going to be feeling that one tomorrow."

But did I stop there? No. I decided to show them my backward somersault skills. Yeah, you guessed it. That one didn't really work out either. I got about 2/3rds of the way over, then fell over on my side. (I'm glad Jeremy wasn't home. I was embarrassed enough with just the kids watching.)

So then I figured, if I can do 2/3rds of a backward somersault, I can definitely do a forward one. Which was true, but I think I did some self-chiropractics in the process. I heard, and felt, about 5 bones in my spine snap, crackle, and pop. I was just laughing my head off at my own stupidity after that, and the kids were laughing right along. (Joy was laughing so hard I wasn't sure she was breathing for a minute.) I just laid there, unable to get up for a few minutes. Not to mention, as a side note, just that one rotation got me super dizzy!

This morning, my abs are sore everywhere. My back feels all creaky. I feel like an old woman, struggling to stand up all the way straight.

So yeah, my advice... Unless you do gymnastics regularly, if you are over the age of 18, don't even try it!


Anonymous said...

LoL. That actually made me giggle outloud. Only because Im stupid like that too. This Summer the pre-teen girls that live next door were playing outside and doing cartwheels and I thought I could show them a thing or two about how to do one correctly. Yeah, well, my 35 year old body had other plans...LoL. I managed to do one but man was I feeling it later on! They still seemed so easy to do in my head but not so easy on the body anymore! :)

Sara said...

lmao, I'm totally picturing this whole ordeal! too funny!