Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yuckity, yuck, yuck, YUCK!!!!

So, as those who are close to me know, we just moved into a new house. The reason I haven't been online, even after getting settled (more or less) and mostly unpacked, is that this place is a filthy. Its just been one cleaning project after another.

Now I will NEVER claim to be a stellar housekeeper, but there is a certain pride I have in keeping my house, at bare minimum, "livably" clean. I clean my toilets when they get gross. I wipe my counters down regularly, especially if sticky. I scrub the tub when it gets a ring. I dust and remove cobwebs as needed. Its just common sense and decency toward yourself and your family, right?

The people who lived here before.... Honestly, I don't know how people can just not care about the state of the home they live in. When my parents bought this house, it was older (It was built in the 1920's or thereabouts), but it was clean, had some recent upgrades and remodels, and was quite cute and livable. All the appliances, carpets, and rooms were clean.

Now....? There are 2 broken windows. We had to replace 3 outlet covers and 2 light switch plates because they were smashed and broken. (Seriously, HOW do those get busted unless its intentional??) The dishwasher didn't work worth a darn at first because there was a slotted spoon stuck in the part that spins the water. The ice maker was making a strange noise, due to the fact they wrapped a produce bag around the mechanism that makes the ice. When Jeremy went to hook up the washer, there was a valve that needed replacing, and thusly we nearly had a flash flood in the basement. Oh, and they didn't like the hanging light in the dining room, so they CUT IT OFF, leaving only about 1/2 an inch for Jeremy to work with to wire up a new fixture! (Thank God I married an electrician, or we probably wouldn't have any light in there.) The living room carpet had to be replaced completely because even after the carpet cleaners came in, there were dog pee stains and black dog hair still embedded in it, and it made the entire front half of the downstairs smell like dog. Seriously gross!! And every baseboard and ledge in the ENTIRE house is covered in a thick, caked-on layer of dust and cobwebs. I am scared to let my kids sit on the stairs to the basement, because it appears any kitchen sweeping they ever did ended up going down the basement stairs, littering and dirtying up the carpeted stairs. Joy sat on them the other night with only panties on and I FREAKED out, screaming for her to get her bare skin off them!! ....And don't even get me started on the state of the downstairs bathroom!!

I absolutely loathe deep cleaning. It is the most time-consuming, disgusting use of time I think I can think of. So imagine my frustration with this house right now! I think I have used almost half a bottle of Tilex Mold & Mildew on the downstairs tile and walls over the course of the past week. It was SCARY gross! Save scrubbing the toilet, I don't think the people cleaned the bathroom even once in the entire 2 1/2 years they were in here! Half the walls surrounding the tub were BLACK with mildew!! (Eeeeeeww, eeeew, eeeewww!!!) The lights and ledges are STILL thick with dried on dust and dirt, because the bathroom doesn't have a ventilation system other than the window, and they never bothered wiping it down once in a while, and I doubt they ever opened the window to ventilate it. And as another "lovely" result of them never airing the bathroom out, the paint is bubbled up and/or peeling just about everywhere! Seriously, I have had flakes of paint fall off and land on me in the shower. What a way to start the morning off right, huh?! Oh, and can I just say for the record, Swiffer Dusters SUCK!!!! They can maaaaybe grab a cobweb here and there, but for "real" dust, forget it. At $8 a box of 1 wand and 5 dust grabby thingies (sorry, their real name is escaping me....blame it on all the chemicals and dust in my system right now), you would hope they would work, but no. They are a complete waste of time, energy, and money. Seriously, if you've never tried them, don't bother wasting your money!

Anyway, I still have a loooonnng way to go on this house. But I still have to ask myself the rhetorical question, "HOW in THE WORLD can people live in filth like this?!?!?" Yuck, yuck, yuck, YUUUUUCCCCKKK!!!!!


Sara said...

I'll never understand it either. can you imagine what it looked like with their stuff in there too? I cant wait to see pictures of it! I'm glad you finally were able to get in that house, I remember when your parents bought it!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! Believe me. When we bought our home 4 years ago, it was a wreck too. They had tied the inside parts to the toilet together using telephone line. Seriously. It cost under a couple of dollars to buy the parts that it needed. The handles on every interior door were plastic and broken so you couldnt get into the bedrooms without practically beating the doors in. Every window had a broken seal and some of the windows had broken glass. The kitchen sink made a wierd noise when you turned on the water. The list of stuff goes on and on. Dont even get me started with MILDEW! Our master bathroom was so mildewed that we had to gut it completely and start over. The walls were mush and so was the floor by the shower because nobody bothered to even put a shower curtain up! WTH?!

So I do feel your pain - and it does get better - but its ALOT of work!!

Oh, about the Swiffer thingy. I have the broom thing that squirts cleaner out and is supposed to make sweeping and mopping simple. Not. Its awful and doesnt work for crap. Dont get one. LOL!