Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rainy Seasons

Well, I was going to just do some more complaining, but I was thinking and stopped myself, in favor of a more philosphical approach.

Living in Oregon, I see a lot of rain. And that is the understatement of the year. For someone who grew up in the Redwood "rain forest" (it really is!) of California, and swore would move somewhere warmer the first chance I got, how I ended up in a place that is arguably even rainer is mind-boggling. I hate rain. Light, warm rain in the middle of summer is okay, but rain that soaks me to the bone in the short time it takes to buckle the 2 girls in the car, is just not my idea of awesome. Sure, I can tolerate it, but that is about the best I can do.

Anyway, Oregon rainy season is in full swing. My basement is flooding, I stepped in mud going to a baby shower in a nice house today, and I am chronically cold. Let me reiterate - I HATE RAIN! But when I think about it, the "weather rain" is far more bearable than the "life rain."

My mother-in-law has a knick knack in her kitchen of an old house with a rainbow over it (in fact, it looks like the fairy godmother's cottage in Shrek 2) with the words enscribed on the rainbow, "In every life a little rain must fall." As much as I think my mother-in-law has gone way overboard in knick knacks and could scale back by probably 95% and be just fine, that is one I actually really like. But then at the same time, it bugs me. See, I wish I could just have the rainbows and sunshine, without having to deal with the rain first.

Right now, I feel like Jeremy and I are in a bit of a situational downpour. Thank the Lord our marriage is overall pretty stable, so it could be worse, but we just keep getting hit with one unforeseen financial burden after another lately. There are a lot of other back things too, that are bad enough to keep us financially strapped to begin with, but just within the last month, we have had 3 big expenses pop up out of nowhere. First, on Halloween, I scratched another car getting into a parking spot at the outlet mall. Then, last week, we were driving home from California in a torrential downpour, and hit a ginormous puddle just outside of Rockaway going 60 MPH, and that much water at that speed knocked off our hubcap (Jeremy went and got it the following day), loosened the bumper, and scratched part of it up. Then, last night our washer, out of nowhere, decided to give up the ghost, and today we had to come up with money (from where I have NO idea!) to purchase a new one. It just feels like as soon as I start feeling like maaaaayyybe we're going to catch a break, something else like this happens. Seriously, I feel like Eeyore!

The more I think about it, as much as I don't like it, rain actually isn't such a bad thing. At the time, yeah, it sucks. But in the end, we emerge stronger, with new lessons learned, and a renewed faith that if we got through it once, we can and will get through it the second time. The Bible tells us that times of trial are for strengthening us and making us grow (totally paraphrasing....Ruthie, Melissa, Niki, somebody help me out here....). So in essence, my mother-in-law's knick knack is right on the money. In every life a little rain must fall because without it, we don't grow. We are like the Gerbera Daisy Jeremy's cousin, Charles, gave me once, that I put too close to the window and within a day, without water, it was wilted and dead as a doornail. To grow, we need the rain.

So, I may not like the rain, but in the end, I know the rain is for my own good, so I am going to try and take it in stride.

And with that, I leave you with "Bring On The Rain" by Jodee Messina and Tim McGraw, and "Downpour" by Brandi Carlile - 2 songs by 3 genius artists. (For some reason I can't figure out how to embed the videos, so this was the best I could do.)

"Bring On The Rain"


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