Friday, December 5, 2008

Whatever happened to integrity?

Okay, this is something that has been bothering me for a while, and more and more all the time. It just seems like nobody has any integrity anymore! Fortunately, I have good friends and family who do, but my gosh, as a whole, I see more and more examples of the deterioration of just plain old integrity everyday.

A few months back, I was catching up with an old friend of mine. She had just undergone lap band surgery a week prior. She mentioned to me that her best friend sent her a link to an article about Sara Bareillis from a website that appears to be about famous women and body image. One paragraph in particular states:

She was also what she describes as a ‘chubby girl’, who was mercilessly teased by her peers, to the point where she had to change schools. ‘It made me very self-conscious and embarrassed,’ she says, her upbeat demeanour faltering a little at the memory. ‘I felt like I was never good enough, and I couldn’t shake it; it became my identity.’

This made me and my friend outright ANGRY because we both know Sara personally. We grew up with her. I sang with her in high school, and we all (Sara, my friend, and I) graduated in the same class. (Don't believe me? I have the yearbooks.) She was NEVER the fat kid!! And she was never teased. She was the girl you loved to hate; she was the girl who excelled at everything - sports, academics, music, popularity, she was homecoming runner-up, was the lead in all the school musicals - all the girls wanted to be her, and and the guys wanted to date her. She always had a rockin' body too; thin, pretty face, could wear anything and make it look good. So why in the heck did she have to go and lie about who she was? I mean, you can have body image issues no matter who you are, but why lie about where they stem from? She may be getting paid big bucks to say what the readers want to hear, but nevertheless. I'm sorry, but you could never pay me any sum of money to flat-out lie about who I am. Sure, there are parts of my life and hurts from my past that I don't like or am not proud of, but come on. I can come up with a thousand things to say about myself that don't require lying.

Then.... I was talking to my dad the other day, and he mentioned he had spent all day in a training. (He's a teacher.) He went on to further explain that the school has a program that gives them (not sure if this means the school or the union) money for dipping in to Medicare. They (again, not sure who "they" are) have been hounding him for years to use it, siting that they get it, so he should use it. But my dad has no use for it, so he hasn't ever used it. The whole point of the seminar was to teach him ways to fenagle the system to claim Medicare! So now my dad is basically being forced to cheat the system. Nice, huh? My dad isn't one to do that type of thing either, but feels backed in to a corner, so he has to sacrifice some of his own moral principles to appease "them."

I mean, what is this world coming to when teachers are summoned to sit in a seminar that teaches them now to cheat the government? Or starlets choose to lie about who they are to make their money and please the public? Its not right, and it seriously bothers me! I am going to do my best to teach my kids, through word and example, how to hold to their morals and not to sacrifice their personal integrity, but there are shining examples everywhere that I am clearly going to be fighting an uphill battle. And that is sad and maddening to me!

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Ashley Randolph said...

that just makes me sad... It also makes you wonder, which of the other celebrities/artists lie about their past to look like they were 'abused' to get attention... Could be someone you admire? I admire? .... So hard to trust anything/one these days!

Very good blog, I 100% agree!