Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh crud!

Literally. This has been a horrible month on the Oregon coast, as far as health goes.

I took Skye into the doctor's office a month ago because she had green goopies coming out of her eyes and a croupy cough. While in the office, Joy began coughing too, and we left with antibiotics for both the girls. A week later, Seth had an on-again, off-again fever and lethargy thing going on for over a week. A week after that, Jeremy came down with some tired, body-achy thing. The next week, I had it. Yesterday Jeremy and I both woke up with colds, and then today, I had to take Skye into the doctor's office again for the icky goopies. Yep, back on antibiotics.

Oh, and should I fail to mention.... 1 preschool child, his mom, and the preschool teacher all got a bad stomach virus last week and I was in prolonged direct contact with both the adults the day before they got it. Charming. And yesterday I was talking to a friend who is the intake person at the ER, and she said the county health department put up fliers about a Norwalk virus outbreak. So apparently, the whole county is doomed to catch the pukies. Fun.

I am no germaphobe by any stretch, but I am somewhat afraid to even leave my house and be around any other people right now because of all the bugs and cruds out there. We have yucky winter bugs here every year, its part of the "charm" of a perpetually moist climate, but this season seems to be particularly bad.

Another preschool mom, who is a nurse, also informed us that next year's flu season is expected to be even worse, and that based on history and the rapid strengthening of strains of flu, we are set for an epidemic flu year sometime within the next few years. She said its supposed to be like in those pictures of the hospitals with the nurses running around with masks on. Great. Just great. I mean, if our family - and we are usually VERY healthy people - is getting slammed this hard this year, I hate to see what lies ahead if the epidemiologists are correct!

Anyway, moral of the story: Next year we are definitely getting flu shots!!

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Michelle said...

Are you sure the Flu shots are working each year??

We don't do flu shots here and we haven't had too many sicknesses ourselves and the kids are in and out of school (NOT SICK Just meaning they are in the buildings and out of the buildings).

I'm sorry the kids are getting sick alot. Maybe their immune systems just don't handle things as well in that area. I know my is compromised with allergies in this area.

Hope you all start feeling better soon!! Hugs!!!!!!