Monday, February 23, 2009

God's Fivefold Commission To Humanity -- How to populate the Earth WHILE protecting and preserving it

I know I don't really post much here about my views as a Christian, although I have posted before about my perspective on the environment. For a long time, I thought being an environmentalist AND a Christian wasn't possible, that the two were opposing eachother. But the more I learn and experience first-hand, the more I realize just how inter-twined the two are.

Why am I bringing this up? Because the issue of population control with the intent to preserve the Earth has popped up a few times for me in the past few weeks. (Its wierd how things will sometimes run in themes like this for me.) So this is me offering a tidbit of my opinion and perspective.

Personally, I don't believe population control is the answer. Denying humanity the right to populate just isn't right. It strips us of our basic God-given (and if you live in the US, your Constitutionally-protected) human rights, and (purely in my own opinion, being a mom and all...) robs people of the joy children supply to one's life, in the name of government and/or science.

Not that there isn't evidence to support that we need to be conservative and treat the Earth with care -- we most definitely do! -- but population control isn't the answer. Its all about a healthy balance, and one that is far more attainable than many believe or make it out to be.

This website has a GREAT, concise Bible study on our commission to both "multiply the Earth" (not deny ourselves or others the right to bare as many children as we see resonably and responsibly fit), WHILE still doing our part to care for and preserve the Earth and its resources. In fact, it is our God-given commission to do just that!Just some interesting and exciting food for thought I stumbled upon, so I thought I would share it, and thusly my personal opinion on the whole populating vs. preserving the Earth issue. This proves what I truly believe -- we can, and dare I say, we SHOULD, do both!

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