Saturday, June 20, 2009

My new nemesis

Morning Glory. I hate it!!

I have recently taken up gardening. Well, sort of. More like taken up pulling weeds mindlessly, but I like to pretend that qualifies as gardening.

The previous owners of this house left us with some nice brick planter boxes lining our brick patio. Problem was, they were all infested with weeds! So about a month ago, Jeremy, the kids, and I spent an entire Sunday afternoon pulling weeds and trying to get the planters cleaned out in hopes that maybe we could plant some flowers, herbs, and strawberries. (Well, Jeremy and I did weeds. The kids just collected and tortured snails.) As we began clipping and pulling weeds, we came across rosemary, sage (except I accidentally pulled it out trying to get a clump of grass...oops), irises, a blueberry bush, 3 rose bushes, and California poppies. So we decided just to pull out the weeds and leave the good stuff.

Yesterday, I looked outside and noticed we had a big, bright pink rose on one of the bushes. I went outside to get a better look, and rather than being excited over the flower, I was horrified to find EVERYTHING was COVERED in Morning Glory! It was wrapped around and through the rosemary bush, up every branch of the blueberry, through the rose bushes, and suffocating the poppies! I couldn't believe it! A month ago, we got rid of it all, and yesterday it was worse than before! So I put Skye in the backpack and took Joy out with me (Seth was resting), and did some serious Morning Glory damage...again. Ugh.

I should also mention that there is a tendril about 2 feet long that I noticed yesterday morning had crept through the concrete and onto the floor of the basement. Before we officially moved in, Jeremy cut down and weed-burned all the Morning Glory off that side of the house. HOW did it survive being uprooted AND burned?!? And my mom spent an hour lovingly and carefully freeing the lilac bush in front of our house from the dreadful stuff. The stuff is indestructible!! And now I realize, the madder you get at it, the more vengefully it grows back!

Since I have kids, I am opposed to using chemicals anymore than necessary, but I am now thinking I am going to have no choice because something has got to be done about these stupid weeds! I am torn just goes against my principles. So if anyone out there reading this knows an effective, yet organic, way of getting rid of this awful stuff, PLEASE let me know!!

Not to mention, on a related side-note, our yard and plater boxes are INFESTED with snails. I have only seen 3 slugs in the 9 months we've lived here, but I have seen probably thousands of snails! They, like the Morning Glory, are EVERYWHERE!! The kids think they're fun, but Jeremy and I just hate the little guys! And again, I want them gone, but don't want to use poisons to reach that goal, if possible.

So...what is a clueless, brown-thumbed, novice gardener to do?? Part of me wants to just wave the white flag and declare defeat to the unwanted garden guests, but on the otherhand, it would just be sad to surrender to a weed and an army of snails. I am bigger, stronger, and smarter than them, afterall. But...they have the strength in numbers thing going for them. Well, hopefully I'll come up with something....hopefully.

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