Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vampires and aliens...oh, the craze!

WHAT in the WORLD is up with the whole vampires and aliens craze?!?!! I hate to go on a vent/rant thingy again, but seriously, this is just getting overdone. And maybe I'm the only one that thinks that, but yikes! Its everywhere!!

To make my point, I did a little googling. I am sure there are many more, but this was the best list I could come up with. Here's what I found:

Movies about aliens, 2009:
Aliens in the Attic
Transformers 2
Monsters vs. Aliens
Alien Trespass
Planet 51
Star Trek XI
District 9

Movies about vampires, 2009:
Twilight: New Moon
Blood: The Last Vampire
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
...and there are at least 5 set for release in 2010!

TV shows about vampires, 2009
The Vampire Diaries (CW)
True Blood (HBO)
...and there have been so many talk show/nightly news stories (20/20, Tyra, etc.) about them its ridiculous!

TV shows about aliens, 2009

And I have noticed a LOT of the movies and TV show's content is geared at young kids. Hoo...ray. Like the other day, Seth was watching a new Nick show called Fanboy and Chum Chum, and not even 10 minutes in, they turned into vampires! (Not on those grounds alone, but we have since put a ban on Fanboy viewing in our house. The show is absolutely ludacris!) And now they have Edward and Bella (from Twilight) Barbie dolls!! Oh goody. Let me go get one. *eye roll*

Anyway, my point is, everywhere you look, its all about aliens and vampires these days!! When is this going to stop?!?!!??

Personally, I have never seen the appeal of either aliens or vampires. I'm just not a big sci-fi lover. I like fiction just fine, but I like there to be some base content I can relate to. I seriously just don't get the appeal. What is so awesome about sucking blood? Or being from outer space? Gross and wierd, if you ask me. But that's just me. People tell me that if I read the Twilight books I would be hooked too, but I really don't think so, so I am not going to spend my time getting all wrapped up in this angsty other-worldly oddly-contrived love story of high school proportions. (I've seen the first movie...that was enough to get the jist.) I get that we all want an escape from the here and now - who doesn't? - but to escape into something with no foundation in reality, and to get so wrapped up in it as all the Twilighters have.... I quite honestly find it somewhat troubling, and at the same time, utterly annoying!

When I posted about this on my facebook, my good friend, and super realist/activist friend, Doug, pointed out that if people spent as much time, energy, and money on improving the world around us and doing things that are constructive, as they do pining away over some make-believe vampire hottie (whom, for the record, in my opinion, isn't hot in the least....and the werewolf kid looks like he's about 12, so can't be hot based on the fact that it would just be creepy if you, as a viewer, are over the age of 16), then the world would be a much better place for everyone. I am just appalled at how wrapped up in it people are!! Oh...swoon...swoon...aaahhhhh...ohhhh....swoon...swoon.... *gag!* But anyway, Doug is completely right! If everyone took their $8 and spent it on a few cans of food for their local food bank, or spent their 2 hours doing a community outreach project of one kind or another, rather than spend the $8 and 2 hours on Twilight, truly, how much better WOULD our world be??!! But...that's a tangent and an idealistic pipe dream, so, moving on...

Honestly, I think my biggest problem with it all is, as a Christian, the whole craze saddens me. Why? Because so many more people in our world today are so much more ready to embrace the possibilities of the existence of vampires and aliens, than they are to embrace the possibility (reality!) of a God who created them, knows them, and loves them more deeply than they could ever fathom. Jeremy and I have talked about this, and we've come to the conclusion that it takes far more faith to believe in aliens and vampires than it does to believe in God. And honestly, what does one gain out of their belief in aliens or vampires? Nothing! If a person is so quick to dismiss God because of His "intangibles" or "only 'possible' existence," then how is it so easy for them to embrace aliens or vampires, whom are, for arguement's sake, just as "intangible" and "only 'possibly' exist?" The reasons they use to explain away God, are the same reasons they use to explain vampires and aliens into existence. I guess my point is, if you want to accept the possibilities of aliens and vampires, can you please, on the same grounds, also consider the possibility of a loving God?

Okay, that got preachy, and I am not sure this is even close to full-circle, but my hands are freezing cold (gotta love Oregon winters in a barely-insulated 1920's house!), and I am tired of typing and thinking, so, dear reader, that's all you get. For whatever its worth. (Which probably isn't much.) :P

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Joyful_Momma said...

:) I think I do at least understand the female fascination with Edward and Bella. To be loved so deeply and passionately by someone, as Bella is by Edward, for absolutely no concrete reason is enticing. To not have to be anything worthy, just to be loved and adored is a powerful desire. And of course romance stories are really just pornography for women. Many women would not think of looking at 'trash', but a romantic love story? That has, as you said, no basis in reality, it an escape. Bella has nothing but superficials to recommend her, she is not intelligent or compassionate or virtuous she is just attractive to Edward.

Of course take my opinion with a grain of salt since I've not read the books or seen the movies! :P