Thursday, April 8, 2010

The "Grand Old" Party

I posted this a while back on Facebook, and had to dig it up (and it took me a while and some trouble-shooting to figure out how), because it was still on my mind, and I think this article best articulates many, if not all, of my frustrations with the Republican party's ways of thinking and operating. I am not going to elaborate a whole lot on my own take, but suffice it to say, the article is worth a read (IMO), regardless of where you stand politically. I will forewarn you though, the article is pretty long and requires a lot of critical thinking to retain everything. (Or maybe its just because I am lousy at retaining things I read...?)

For the record I am NOT a Republican, and these are MANY of the reasons why!! However, I am also NOT a Democrat - I think many of the ways they operate are utterly attrocious and unconstitutional as well. And I don't buy into bipartisanship, and think its a fundamental flaw in government that it causing it to deteriorate. So I do believe I am looking at this through a critical, yet unbiased, eye. The article was, from what I gather, written while GWB was in office, but you can't argue with the facts, no matter who is in office, and I hardly think what this article says is outdated information!

Its funny.... The Republican party calls itself the "Grand Old" Party, however, the values and modes of operation of today's Republican Party are anything but "grand old!" Today's Republican Party is NOT conservative in the least, when compared to the foundational principles upon which the party was originally formed. Since the mid-60's, and early 70's, what Republicans are ascribing to is a new regime of government that is NOT based on true, historical Republican values - it IS, contrary to what MANY believe, trying to push for more and more government control all the time - "Big Government," as its been coined - the very thing they say they are fundamentally against! It is also pushing in the direction of more moral and ethical control over individual freedoms and is arrogantly thinking they can enforce, and get away with, being moral police - which is neither Constitutional in the least, NOR "grand old" in nature! Pushing for moral control, based on the religious right, is not democracy-driven OR historically-driven, but rather theocracy driven. Though I am a Christian, I have a problem with this!! I want to see a government that is true to its historical, and certainly Constitutional roots. Which Republicans CLAIM to be, but if the majority actually did their homework (politicians included!), they would actually realize they are NOT upholding in the least.

Anyway....not to rant, I just want to get the facts out there, because I think waaay too few people (on the right and the left!) actually know, historically-speaking, what they stand for, and I think its VITALLY important that people know what they stand for - and the only way to understand it fully, is to study and understand the history. I want a government that PROTECTS and PRESERVES the human rights of ALL Americans (read the beginning of the Declaration of Independence!), NOT a theocracy that worms their way into people's personal lives in the name of religion, or anything else, and in doing so robs American citizens of these very basic, Constitutionally-protected and GOD-GIVEN, human rights - the rights to life, liberty (free will), and the pursuit of happiness (to prosper in this great nation) for ALL Americans!

Anyway, here is the link to the article: Not Your Father's Republican Party

I will delve into the Democratic Party when my brain doesn't hurt anymore. ;)

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