Monday, May 31, 2010

Not to get techincal, but they're fighting for what??

Okay, so maybe I am a horrible person for bringing this up on Memorial Day. And maybe I am being really nit-picky. But just like everything else, this is MY blog, and MY opinion, so I'm gonna say it.

I am growing increasingly more and more irritated with people talking about the troops fighting for our freedom. They aren't fighting for our freedom, they are fighting for our safety!

Way back in the day, during the Revolutionary War, yes, they were fighting for our freedom, our independence from Britain and the tyrannical control of the King over every aspect of their lives. In Britain they weren't free, so our fore fathers came to America to establish a new nation. Through the Declaration of Independence, they declared themselves free. Through the Revolutionary War, they fought for that freedom. And in our Constitution they outline what those freedoms are and state they are our unalienable rights, the rights of ALL men!

Our freedoms aren't given to us by waging wars and fighting foreign enemies! We are already free, we are a sovereign nation, our fore fathers fought for our freedom from another country's dominion. We won that freedom over 200 years ago! Being a sovereign nation, protected by a Constitution that states our rights are endowed by our Creator (though NOT claming, as many think, that it was founded on Christian principles!), our freedoms cannot, will not, be taken away by a foreign enemy. Not gonna happen. Not possible.

For one thing, if our freedoms are in fact endowed by our Creator, then they would have to be taking our rights essentially away from God. No man can do that! No enemy can do that! They can torture and kill us, but they cannot take from us something that is inherently God given.

Secondly, a foreign nation certainly can't take our freedoms away. Unless they completely overthrow our government, and everyone here in the US just rolls over and goes along with it, that isn't going to happen. They can threaten our safety, our security, and our lives, but they cannot take our freedoms. Our HUMAN rights are given and protected by God Himself, and our AMERICAN rights are protected through our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our victory in the Revolutionary War. Those rights cannot be undone, without recreating both God and history, neither of which CAN be recreated!

So our soldiers today are NOT fighting for our freedom, they are fighting for our safety. We live in a volatile, hateful world where the way we settle differences is by harming, threatening, and killing. Our troops are doing something about THAT! They are fighting to keep us safe, keeping those who aim to harm us out of our country and keep us safe.

I would venture to say that even those who are fighting against us, our "enemies," are fully aware that they cannot take our freedoms away. They know they can threaten, scare, harm, torture, and kill us, but they have to know that will do nothing to actually take our freedoms away. They can cause both bodily and emotional pain to us by killing our people, but they cannot take away our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

I support our troops. I believe they are doing something very important and brave, in putting themselves in harm's way to keep us safe. But I believe they are fighting for our safety, and not so much for our freedom.

So do you want to know who is threatening our freedoms? Our own government! They are the ones we need to be fighting against as to not lose our freedoms! Not with armies, weapons, and killing, but with informed citizens who Constitutionally know what our freedoms are, and what they're not, and what can and cannot be restricted based upon it. Little by little, the government is taking more and more freedom away from each citizen; freedoms that are both Creator-endowed, and Constitutionally-protected. Our "enemies" overseas aren't the threat to our freedoms, but our own people are. Which I find so much scarier.

So what are our troops fighting for? Our safety from the threats of other nations. What should we American citizens be fighting for? Our freedoms to be protected and upheld within our own nation.

THANK YOU to all our men and women who have fought for our freedom during the infancy of this great nation of ours, and those who have been fighting to keep us safe from the threat of harm at the hands of others ever since. So much of America is great because of your service and sacrifices. You are much braver than I could ever hope to be, and America is forever indebted to you. May you be blessed this Memorial Day and respected and revered throughout history.


Liberty said...

I totally agree. However, I would like to add one thing- many of the wars in the past few decades haven't been about safety, either. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and even Afghanistan- they were wars for some other undefined purpose, probably to distract we the people from what's really going on in Washington. And guess what- it worked!

I've really been trying to keep politics out of this Memorial Day thing. I tried to do it on 9/11 too, but it didn't work, haha. So yes. Just my two cents. ^.^

Megan said...

I agree with you about our more recent wars. Like you said, its that undefined territory, and was hard for me to include in there without going on a million rants and tangents, so I just kind of glossed over it. But regardless, our troops are keeping us safe, in one capacity or another. Not free - we already are free and that isn't something any terrorist can change - but safe. Do I agree with these more current wars? Not a bit. But I do think 9/11 heightened our awareness as American people that there are terrible, horrible people across the globe, and we have an obligation to protect our people. The obligation became a lot harder to ignore, that's for sure. That is't to say it hasn't gotten horribly out of hand, in my opinion, but I am thankful we have brave men and women in uniform who are willing to answer the call to keep us safe.

Carol said...

Did not read ALL of this blog but I have a couple things to say, excuse me if you had already pointed them out somewhere.

I say they "fought" for our freedom, as in, wayyyy back when our country was just starting to become a country. I agree that today they fight for our safety BUT it can also be argued that they are fighting to KEEP our freedom. No, the terrorist might not overtake our Government, which would make us controlled by them, but we still have to fight all the time to keep our free country the way it is.

Just my two cents..

Joyful_Momma said...

I try to concentrate on the soldiers of the past when I acknowledge Memorial Day.

I do agree that the idea that our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, and soon I am sure Iran, are fighting for our freedom is wrong.

I do respect those that serve in the armed forces. I admire their devotion to duty and their willingness to put themselves in harms way.

What makes me angry is the fact that our POTUS is using these brave men and women to do work that has nothing to do with protecting our freedom or even our national security but to promote a worldview.