Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The window's got the same view

I'm sure you've heard the saying before that the eyes are the window to the soul. I alsways thought that saying was a little cheesy. I guess I just never really understood it; how does looking at someone's eyes reveal the deepest part of them? I was a skeptic. But then an amazing thing happened this week that changed all that, and hit me in such a profound way. I believe in the "windows to the soul" now.

After years of searching, a few days ago I finally found someone who was a big part of my life when I was a child. Its a long back story, but suffice it to say, this person makes up a very important chapter of my life. I've missed him a lot over the years, wondering where he was, if he was happy and healthy, and if he even remembered me. So I was ecstatic to find him!

I hadn't seen this person in 20 years - not even in a picture - so naturally the first thing I did was flip through some of his photos. He looked so different than I had remembered or pictured he would look now! He's taller, thinner... But one thing, and one thing only, didn't look any different - his eyes. Everything looked different, except his eyes.

It was kind of eerie. At first I couldn't see him in his pictures at all. As sure as I was that it was him, the pictures cast doubt. But as I looked closer at his pictures, I recognized those eyes. A small part of him had never changed - the windows to his soul.

I wrote him a message yesterday, and got his reply this morning. While we're older now, and discussing our families, jobs, and adult lives, rather than how fast we can roll apples down a hill or how to construct the ultimate tree fort, there's something 20 years didn't change - his soul. Though life has changed us both - both circumstantially and internally - he still "talks" with the same lightheartedness and excitement for life. It brought back all the memories of running through the woods, bursting with excitement and wonder, full of crazy ideas about all sorts of crazy things. There was nothing he wasn't excited about! He was the type of person who would make anything sound like a fun and exciting adventure. That hasn't changed. The view into his soul hasn't changed.

I look forward to getting to know the "new" person he now is, but I'm also glad that part of the view hasn't changed. There is an intrinsic part of him that will never change. It can never be changed.

I know some people will argue with me on that, saying that all people change, and sometimes every last bit of them changes. That's what I'd always thought, but I'm not so sure I believe that anymore. I saw what I saw in his "windows," and I hear the same voice I heard 25 years ago jumping through the words on my screen. I know what I see, I know what I "hear," and I know what I feel; its something very familiar, something timeless and unchanging.

Others may argue that I am just grasping at straws, trying to make more out of this than I should; that I'm being sentimental, nostalgic, emotional, and downright weird. Maybe I am. But again, I know those windows and I know that view. Some part of it is like 20 years never happened. We're grown ups now, but somewhere deep inside, we're still those same crazy, care-free little kids. And I'm grateful for that.

I'm glad there are things that never change. I'm glad that windows to the soul never break. I'm glad that deep bonds will always bind, and that those views will never change.

What do you think? Do you believe the saying that eyes are the windows to the soul? Have you ever been apart from someone, reunited, and it was like you were the same two people you'd always been despite time? How did it make you feel or react? I'm curious....

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