Thursday, November 17, 2011

Facebookers Part 3 - MORE things Facebookers do that drive me bonkers

This is going to be along the same lines as the original one, . It was the pioneer post that has heightened my awareness of Facebook absurdity. I still love me some Facebook as much as ever, but I still find people really funny. Again, this is no slam on any one person, these are just observations I've made, or have been pointed out to me by friends. And again, I am sure I do some of these and am probably just as unaware I do it as anyone else.

So here is the sequel to my original list of obnoxious Facebookers...

#6 -- The advertisers
I'm sure everyone has a few; the friends who use their statuses to advertise or promote their business ad nauseum. I understand that some people are really passionate about their jobs, hobbies, and businesses, I really do, but when all, or at least the majority of, your posts begin to be business promotions, others begin to lose interest in what you have to say. Most of your friends are tolerant of a post here and there - heck, I promo'ed the the craft fair I did last weekend about to death - but when more than 90% of your posts are about your business, frankly, it just gets annoying. Tell me about you and your life outside of work! That is what I friended you for! Not to be a billboard. You're my friend, and if I need you to sell me something or swing me a sweet deal, then I'll gladly give you my business. But you don't have to be as persistent as a used car salesman to get the job done.

#7 -- The chronically infirm
You know, the ones who post about being sick all the time, their kids being sick all the time, all their aches and pains hurting all the time... I consider myself a really sympathetic person, but I'd like to hear more than, "Baby Tommy has a horrible cold again, and was puking all night. I had it last week and it was terrible," followed a few days later by, "Tommy is still sick, and now I have a migraine and a giant blister on my foot," followed the next day by, "The hubby slipped on the pavement yesterday and twisted his ankle. And now I have a sinus infection." Do you ever have a good day?! Are you ever not sick?! Again, I feel for you, I really do, but I'm not your doctor.

#8 -- The way-too-TMI'ers
Now, I have 3 kids, so I have a high tolerance for grossness. But some things do cross a line. You can (occasionally...see above) post that you're sick or hurt and nobody minds. But I don't need to hear about the color and viscosity of your kid's poop and/or how much leaked out of their diaper. (Okay, yes, I have been guilty of this one.) I don't need to know in graphic detail exactly what you puked up last night. I don't need to see pics of your gnarly gangrene toe or the tick you found on your kid's neck. If you're making others ill with what you post, then congratulations. You've just found - and successfully crossed - the line. Mission accomplished.

#9 -- The potty mouths
I know not everyone is bothered by this, so maybe I shouldn't include it, but its my list, so I'm adding it. I don't consider myself easily offended, but I just don't think its very classy to fill your posts with lots of profanity. I mean, do you really think bad words in every third status you write is necessary?! I'm sure you have other words in your vocabulary; words that have just as much, if not more, impact. And if you don't, there's this awesome thing called And just so you know, a bigger vocabulary makes you look a lot more intelligent. Or, at least to me.

I wish I had a #10 to round it out, but that's all I can think of for now. Again, nobody be offended. This is written purely in jest, and not pointed at anyone in particular. I am merely posting it for the amusement of those who deal with these minor irritations on Facebook. Because people can be pretty ridiculous on Facebook, right?! (Myself included!)

Between my 2 installments, am I missing anything? What do you find simultaneously ridiculous and hilarious that people do on Facebook?


Joyful_Momma said...

#10 Post some controversial statement and then get mad when people disagree, even banning the dissenter.

Megan said...

YES! Thank you! Now my list is complete! LOL!