Monday, November 14, 2011

Its official. I'm a lame parent, too.

I have arrived. I have arrived at lame, uninformed, uncool, unhip parent status. Fortunately, my kids haven't quite caught on to that yet, but I noticed it in myself yesterday.

Being a younger parent, relatively speaking, I thought I would have an advantage on not losing touch with the younger generation, and therefore being less lame, more informed, cooler, and hipper than most other parents. I thought maybe, just maybe, with only 21 years between myself and my eldest child, I could cheat the generation gap. And until yesterday I thought I was doing pretty well. But no.

The first blow was on our way to Costco. One of the big kids (I can't remember which one), broke out in song with "Moves Like Jagger." My son was singing, "Moves Like Jagger," and my daughter was singing, "Moves Like That." My son started saying, "No, its Move Like Jagger!" To which my daugter replied, "No! Its Move Like That." They began to argue, so doing what young, hip, cool moms do, I butt in and said, "I'm pretty sure its Move Like That. Move Like Jagger makes absolutely no sense." My son insisted he was right, so he challenged me to a googling duel. I grabbed my trusty smartphone, pulled up Google, typed in "moves like," and up popped, "Jagger." I stuck my proverbial tail between my legs, admitted I was wrong, and my son got to gloat. I'm not going to lie. It stung a little.

The second blow.... Later that night, I asked my kids to clean their rooms. They love music to clean to, so I turned on Pandora for them on my phone and prepared to send them upstairs with it. I thought it was preset to the Big Time Rush station for them, but apparently I had set it to Matisyahu at some point. My husband, who has a distaste for a lot of my musical preferences (and likewise, I of his), asked, "Who is this?" To which I replied, "I don't know exactly how to pronounce it, but its spelled M-A-T-I-S-Y-A-H-U." Without skipping a beat, my son chimed in, "Its Mah-tis-ya-hoo." Which is what I thought, but I really wasn't 100% sure. Apparently he knows these things better than I do. *sigh*

The third... When I did get it switched over to Pandora, a song came on by some young girl. That was all I knew, and I wasn't really listening anyway. Teeny-bopper pop isn't exactly my cup of tea. My daughter came running in and asked, "Mom! Can you guess who this is?" I had no clue so I threw out, "Selena Gomez?" "No, mom! Its Miranda Cosgrove!" My son added, "How could you not know that?" To which I uttered the most uncool words I have ever uttered, "Well, I'm sorry. I don't follow your music."


Like lightening, I had just turned into an uncool, out-of-touch parent! The generation gap is closing in and squeezing the cool right out of me!

Fortunately, as I mentioned earlier, my kids haven't caught on yet, but I'm sure they will soon enough. My son enters the double digits in a mere 14 days, so I can feel it looming just around the corner. I'd like to say I'm mentally prepared for that, but if I'm being honest, I'm not. I want to stay cool! Well, at least cool enough.

What about you? What have you done lately that's made you realize you're a lot less "cool" of a parent than you thought you were?

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